Cross-disciplinary Creative Alliance

"sPods" is a guild-type organization that brings together professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise to develop a wide range of projects.
We are committed to solving social issues and create value with a new style of forming the optimal team for each project by facing questions from companies, governments, research institutes, non-profit organizations, etc.

From our network of studio members, we have worked on and supported collaborative projects with more than 20 companies, startups, government/municipalities, universities, research institutes, etc. over the past three years.

We can handle a wide range of work areas including research and strategic planning, prototyping of hardware, software, and services, new business creation support, R&D support, business development, marketing support, PR support, community planning/building and operation support, placemaking, concept making, creative communication production, video production, brand development, media development, sales support, and assistance in formulating strategies for overseas/Japanese market entry.


Accompanying support

  • Side-by-side support for new businesses and R&D
  • Joint development/business construction/deployment of new business
  • Create a strategic roadmap for internal approval

Professional assist

  • Business strategy planning
  • Marketing planning
  • Global expansion
  • Design planning and development
  • UI/UX/BX development
  • Product design and development
  • Technology development
  • Research and Development

Network development

  • Promote collaboration between companies and support partnerships
  • Training/seminars, program development/holding events


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  • #New business
  • #Accompanying support
  • #Regional revitalization
  • #Overseas expansion
  • #Co-creation
  • #Business matching
  • #Innovation
  • #ESG
  • #SDGs
  • #Biodiversity
  • #Event planning
  • #Design planning
  • #Game development
  • #Research and development support
  • #Startup
  • #Startup Studio
  • #Media Art

Collaborative Partners


Principal consultant

Yoko Isobe

Founder of sPods, Inc.

Yoko is a business/product/service planning producer and ecosystem designer working on environmental design, transcending existing frameworks and fixed concepts to create new value.

For about 15 years, she was involved in product and platform planning for Sony's PlayStation, Walkman, etc.
After supporting and participating in startups such as "VIVITA," a creative community, and "Mistletoe," a company that works to solve social issues by fostering startups, she established sPods Inc. in 2018.

sPods Inc. provides new business support, R&D support, product planning for services/hardware/software, prototype development, business development production, community building, cultural support, and more.
She has been involved in many new value creation projects for organizations large and small, from startups to large corporations, government and municipalities, and research institutions.
She has been an advisor to the Agency for Cultural Affairs in support of media creator development since 2019. She also has been a mentor for NEXs Tokyo, a nationwide startup collaboration community hosted by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government since 2022.

Company Overview

sPods, Inc.
(Corporate number: 4010401139993)
August 3, 2018
Yoko Isobe
Line of Business

Business development/construction produce and escort consulting

  • Side-by-side support for new businesses and R&D
  • Joint development, business construction, and expansion of new businesses
  • Promote collaboration between companies and support partnerships
  • Strategy planning, business planning, marketing, brand
  • Creative development, sales support
  • Electronic equipment product planning, product design development, design development, UI/UX/BX development/producing/direction
  • Software/Internet service planning, design and development
  • Training/seminars, program development/hosting events, etc.

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